Kindred Connections Collective

connection. sustenance. wellness. creativity. liberation.

We Envision


The Crew




Vikó is the child of Mexican immigrants. Born in the bustle of Mexico City and raised in their father’s ancestral lands, they are passionate about community health, social advocacy and justice, land based connections, music, and language. They are committed to building community connections that cultivate dignified and joyous lives.




Mirely is an organizer and planner focused on resource redistribution. She has primarily worked in healthcare with people who are unsheltered, incarcerated, and struggling with mental health. She is a hermit who believes in the power of community.




t is an abolitionists and harm reductionist. they’re a public health practitioner and interdisciplinary performance artist. they blend creativity and social practice to introspect, illuminate, and shift social justice/ health inequities.

Our Framework

Ancestral Wisdom

There has long been work to keep our communities fragmented and oppressed – they come for our language, names, and foodways. We reclaim and call forth our ancestral wisdom, practices, and beliefs.


Creativity keeps us alive. It is how we create networks, safe havens and sacred communication inside oppressive systems. It is how we carve out spaces, shape communities and take form to counter our erasure.

Harm Reduction

We use harm reduction to honor our humanity. It informs how we create space, hold each other, and move. It is the actuation of our commitment to abolition, compassion, knowledge sharing, truth, and accountability.

We Believe

We are the Experts in Our Experience.

We do not need to shape our truths to fit others’ narratives. We have the knowledge, skills, and experience within our community to build our collective prosperity.

Joy is Our Life Source

It is prosperity realized and troubles the systems built to contain us. It is sacred: protect it always.

There is Deep Beauty & Cosmic Creativity in Each of Us.

It was given to us so we might see the world in its whole truth and our whole truths inside of it- so we might create the world we deserve and need.

What We Do

Connect and Sustain

Garden Group

Cultivating sustenance, beauty, and sustainability in and with community. Welcoming all persons interested in gardening regardless of experience. All supplies are provided. Meetings are hybrid (in-person/ virtual).

Meal Sharing

Breaking bread in kinship to nourish our mind, bodies, and souls. Locations vary. All food and supplies are provided.

Holistic Wellness

Healing Circles

Practical processes for holding, mourning, claiming joy, releasing, and healing in a world on fire. Circles center Reiki, breath/bodywork, and arts-based practices facilitated by QTBIPOC practitioners.

Wellness Resources

Working with local herbalists and community health providers to offer free access to medicines, harm reduction, and care for the body and soul.

Resource Redistribution

Summer Care

Providing nature-based hydration and heat protection supplies, medicines, and other wellness and survival supplies. Distribution is typically in June. Delivery is available for those who need it.

Queer Cheer

Providing staple food boxes, winter wellness items, and mini grants. Distribution in December. Delivery is available.



Takes place on or near Trans Day of Remembrance, November 20. We gather in vigil to remember those stolen from us, to celebrate Trans being, and to promise action each day for thriveable tomorrows.

Coming Soon!

We’re working on developing additional events and gatherings by and for us. If you have ideas or want to support current or future events, hit us up!

We Aim

To remove barriers to our healing, wellness, and liberation so that in our lifetime, we can witness, engage and live in flourishing, loving, and whole community.

Please consider Supporting Our QTBIPOC COMMUNITY.

Every Offering of Support Matters

Your donations go directly into the support of our community. Donations may provide resource or wealth distribution, purchase supplies for gatherings such as healing circles, meal shares or events, or support other activities intended to build collective sustainability so the work and our community can continue cultivating and growing.

Together We Can Do Anything

Please don’t feel like you can only support if you have $7 to give. If you need to make that amount less, please do. If you can give more, please consider doing that. We also accept and appreciate donations of gift cards, art supplies, wellness items, and services. If you have something you’d like to donate but aren’t sure if we can use or need it, please just send us a message. If we can’t, we likely know of another community group who can. In gratidue and community, KCC